Open Heaven For Today

(Open Heaven For Today 13 March 2019)


Some of you will remember when we were going to take the church to Kenya. There was a law in Kenya at that time that does not allow registration of foreign churches. So if you go there and say you want to register a church, they will tell you to go and join one of their Pastors. No foreign churches are allowed.

Then I went to Kenya to register the Redeemed Christian Church of God. First favour was that I got to stay with the Attorney General. I have never met him before but i was allowed to stay in his house even though he was not around.

RCCG NEWS 13 MARCH 2019 Bulletin  

But he came before I left and when he came I started joking with him. I said, now who is the landlord now, you or I because you met me at home and the one you meet at home is the landlord? And we laughed and we began to talk and I told him I would like to meet the President. You want to meet the President? Who are you? To cut a long story short, he introduced me to a bishop, and the bishop said I will take you to see the President; the President was my student when I was still a teacher. So we met the President and we talked. While we were drinking tea, I told him I didn’t come to drink tea, I have come to register our church. And at that time my landlord was passing by and I waved at him. The President said, you know my Attorney General? Oh! I’m staying in his house. He said, What are you discussing? The one who will make the recommendation is the one you are staying with. The matter is settled! Six months later, the Redeemed Christian Church of God was registered.


In the name of Jesus, people you have never met before, powerful people, rich people, influential people, beginning from today, they will begin to help you. (Amen!)