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Open Heaven 5 July 2019 Prayer Points on Today

Open Heaven 5 July 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Evading Your Responsibility?

Open Heaven 5 July 2019

  1. O Lord we paralyze every spirit of confusion division and manipulation, in Jesus name.
  2. O Lord this year I will not work for somebody to come and receive the reward, in Jesus name.
  3. O Lord, any Spirit sent to make me miss my spiritual promotion, die in Jesus name.
  4. O Lord, every Spirit of failure at the edge of my breakthrough, die now in Jesus name.
  5. O Lord, lead your church in the path of your righteousness in Jesus name.
  6. Lord Jesus, whoever fights the grace of God upon my life this year, shall be reproached and openly disgraced in Jesus name.
  7. Lord Jesus, all the cain in our ministry shall not succeed against us, in 2019 in Jesus name.

Open Heaven 5 July 2019: [Friday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye – Evading Your Responsibility?

  • Lord whoever is sitting down on my destiny will die in the name of Jesus.
  • O Lord, give me wisdom to run your race in Jesus name.
  • Every pot cooking my glory, break in Jesus name
  • O Lord, Be my vision, my hope, my light and my way please guide me throughout this year in Jesus name.
  • I come against every spirit of death in Jesus name.
  • O lord, I separate myself from satanic and his kingdom, in Jesus name.
  • Lord, Jesus name take away from me all powers that do not originate from you, in Jesus name
  • Pray in spirit for 5 min in Jesus name.